Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vacation Haul

We went to a Target store in Savannah to get a few essentials. I found the E.L.F. concealer brush that Lacey had mentioned to me when I asked about cleanup brushes for manicures. I thought I remembered her mentioning that particular brush as one she heard other people used, so I pulled out my iPhone and started frantically checking my e-mails to try to find the post on Lacey's blog. It took some time with the iPhone, but I eventually found the post, and yes, she had mentioned the E.L.F. concealer brush. It was only $1!

In the same strip mall, I saw a Sally Beauty Supply store, so I had to go inside, of course. I wanted to take advantage of the Buy Two Get One Free sale on "all" (not really all) their polishes. First I picked up some Sally Girl mini bottles that I thought would make a nice little "extra" when I have my first giveaway, maybe when I reach 30 followers. The bottles cost $1.92 for the three of them. They are Circus (very pretty pale purple with tiny holographic sparkles), Metallic Gray, and It's So Me (pretty light purple duochrome shimmer).

Then I saw the Finger Paints magnetic polishes. They are exactly the same as the Color Club magnetic polish you can get online or at Hot Topic. They are the same bottles, the same magnets, and the names of the four colors are the same.

Then I found the clearance racks. I found a Christmas set called Holiday Spirits with a wine bottle topper with a Cristmas tree on it and also with the polishes China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who?, and Frostbite, all for $2.99. I may have this be a giveaway prize or save it for swaps, or I might use it. I already have a Ruby Pumps mini bottle and a bottle of the Milani dupe for it, and I have my new bottle of Ring in the Red, so I don't *need* the full bottle of Ruby Pumps. I always look at Dorothy Who? at Sally Beauty, but I never buy it. But, I worry it might be too similar to other blue polishes that I own. The last one, Frostbite, I will have to look for swatches online to decide if I will wear it or if I should give it away.

In the clearance racks I also found a bottle of China Glaze Blonde Bombshell gold heavy-duty glitter polish. I would always pick up the bottle and put it back down whenever I saw it. It was on clearance for $1.99, so I bought it. Now that I have it with me, I feel such a strong desire to wear it RIGHT NOW, but I want to keep the Sally Hansen polish strips on a little longer. Maybe if I get tip wear I can do a funky French with Blonde Bombshell on the tips.

Also in the clearance racks was Finger Paints Sparkle Topcoat. It's very pretty. It looks like a cute somewhat translucent pink shimmer polish, but it also has duochrome shimmer that shifts from purple to green, especially when layered over darker polish (based on swatches I have seen). It was on clearance for $1.49. I was originally buying this polish for a giveaway, but I will have to think about whether to keep it. ;-)

When I got to the cash register, I saw the Finger Paints flakie top coats. They are limited edition, and they have run out of them at many stores. So, I picked up all four for $4.99 each. I already have Twisted and Motley, and I don't need Asylum because it's similar to Essie Shine of the Times that I already have, and I don't *need* Flecked. So, I bought these for either my first giveaway or for a swap if a fellow blogger is dying to have them and cannot find them online.

Nothing that I bought qualified for the Buy Two Get One Free promotion except the Sally Girl mini bottles. But, I had a $5 off $25 or more coupon.

The total I spent at Target and Sally, including tax, was $25.95. Not bad for 9 full size bottles of polish, three mini bottles, and a cleanup brush!

Here are a couple of pics I just took in my hotel room with horrible lighting at night because I didn't want to wait for tomorrow morning to put up this post:


  1. I wish some site with international shipping sold these finger paints! I have wanted them for such a long time!!

    1. Where I live, Broward County, there is a very large Indian community. Do you know anyone traveling here from your community soon? I could give the paints to them to give to you. Second option is we figure out if it is legal to send nail polish from the US to India, and if so, how much it costs, and I could send them to you. I want to find out more about international shipping costs and laws before I have my first giveaway anyway.

  2. Glad you found it! :] Those clearance Christmas China Glaze packs are a steal! I got one last month! Amazing haul! Gotta love good finds from Sally's, especially the flakies! I'm glad I bought em when I did, I haven't seen any since December around here! haha

    I don't think Asylum is similar to Shine of the Times, I think you're thinking of Flashy, the orange and red? Asylum has some blue in it that SOTT doesn't have ;]

    1. Right, right! There is one that is similar enough to SOTT that I figured I didn't need it, and there is one that is primarily green that I passed on also because there is only so much storage and money, but the hoarder in me wants to go back and get them! At least the green one. ;-) I use Twisted (red, orange, yellow, green & blue flakies) often, and I use Motley (green and blue) often. I have Motley on my toes over CG Glittering Garland. Put that on before St. Patrick's Day!