Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ulta Mini-Haul

Hello my (handful or two of) readers,

I went to Ulta after work today.  There's an Ulta that's about an hour away from my house, but it's only 20 or so minutes from my office, my office being 40 minutes from my house.  I went through the store quickly.  I didn't get the free Easter basket that I posted about earlier today.  I didn't want any of the 5 for $10 items that you had to buy to get the basket; they didn't have the full selection of products at my store.  

I did take advantage of the 40% off Revlon promotion to get two more bottles of Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat.  I use that almost every day, so I go through it quickly, and I had not been able to find it at my local CVS or Walgreens stores.  They were $4.79 each after the 40% off.  

I also found China Glaze's Ring in the Red in the clearance bin for 99 cents.  It's a red jelly base with red glitter that sparkles a lot.  It's similar to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but Ruby Pumps is a deeper, true ruby color.  Ring in the Red is brighter and warmer.  In the store, I thought it would be exactly like Ruby Pumps, so I thought I would probably save it for a giveaway or a swap, but now that I see it's a little different, I will have to think about maybe using it.  

The last thing I bought was Physician's Formula Healthy Wear powder foundation.  It was 40% off.  I had been wanting to try it ever since I read a post on Nouveau Cheap where she gave it a very positive review.  I use a special Clinique makeup for rosacea.  I only use it on my cheeks.  But, it looks cakey and not smooth.  Many years ago I tried a Chanel powder foundation, and it worked well for me, so I'm hoping that this Physician's Formula one works well, too.  I also hope I chose a good color for my skin.

I used a $3.50 off $10 coupon, and it got applied proportionately to the items I bought.  So, the Revlons came to under $4 each, the China Glaze was under $1, and the Physician's Formula was about $6.  Total it came to just under $16 with tax, so about $9 for the three polishes (including tax) and about $7 for the Physician's Formula. (including tax).

Here are a couple of quick iPhone pics:

This is a picture I took in my car with the little bit of sunlight left before the sun came down.  I was trying to capture the sparkle of the polish, but it didn't want to be photographed!  On my thumb nail is Revlon Colorstay Indigo Night topped with Finger Paints Motley flakie top coat.

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. We need Ulta up here!! That or the website has to start shipping to Canada...

    1. Do you know what the rules are for mailing nail polish to Canada? Is it something I would be allowed to do? Are there customs issues? I guess I need to research it. I only go to Ulta every month or two, but if you want something from them, I'd be happy to try to pick it up for you or order it for you and then send it to you if you don't mind the cost of the products and the cost of the combined shipping (Ulta to me, then me to you).

    2. That is so sweet of you to offer! Nail polish can be shipped here, but I imagine there may be customs to pay on my end. I assume that the larger companies are planning to expand here some day. I waited for Target, and they are finally coming in 2013!

    3. I need to figure out the customs/mailing issues. At some point I might have a giveaway, and I will need to know all the shipping tips and tricks.

      What are the big stores you have that we don't have?

  2. Nice haul! I love their coupons! I recently discovered an Ulta near me and brought 2 friends so I could save on my purchases 3x lol

    1. That made me smile. Only thing better than a discount coupon is three, and only thing better than that is having friends there with you.