Friday, June 14, 2013

New Rainbow Honey Summer Collection

**Unpaid promotional announcement of new polish collection**

I went on vacation in the beginning of May, and then I got a cold.  I didn't fully exterminate the cold germs, and now I have an ear infection and a sinus infection.  I haven't had the energy to blog when I have been off from work.  I've also had other stuff on my mind when I've been off from work, and I haven't been as inspired to blog.  And, it's been raining a lot here in South Florida, and while I had the cold our home flooded a few times.  It's nothing compared to the tragedies faced by tornado victims and their families elsewhere in the country, but dealing with flooding is not conducive to blogging for me.  Our baseboards got so damp that a mushroom actually grew *INSIDE* my home right between the baseboard and my floor tile by my front door!  Now, I love mushrooms and ordinarily even think they're cute, but EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

But, I'm excited about a lot of recent new nail polishes, so I'm dashing off a quick blog post during my lunch break.  I recently received some great InDecisive Nail Lacquers indie brand nail polishes for review, and I wore a gorgeous color last week called Brick that I am looking forward to reviewing.  I also received some Rainbow Honey polishes for review and have worn a few.  I'm wearing Tenda right now, a bright kelly green polish with secret golden shimmer that has gotten noticed a lot.  The nurse at Walgreens who prescribed antibiotics for my ear and sinus infections, she complimented the polish yesterday.  The court reporter at this morning's deposition noticed the polish and was inspired to go out and get a manicure with green polish, and I told her about Rainbow Honey polishes.  And, our receptionist at our firm noticed the polish and liked it as well.  It is a very happy color and cheers me up when I look at it.  Green is a really big color for nail polish this year, especially with the Pantone color of the year being emerald green.  In case you're curious and want to look at Tenda before I review it--I highly recommend buying it--it's sold as part of the Fab Summer Set by Rainbow Honey at and right now it's discounted to $25 from its retail price of $30 for three full-size 15 ml bottles.  The other two polishes in the set are a gold and holo glitter top coat and a beautiful pinkish coral that leans a little terracotta-ish in some light, or if you're of Cuban descent, you'll know what I mean when I say it will make you want a mamey shake.

I'm also excited because this morning I received an e-mail announcing Rainbow Honey's summer collection, and it's so bright and beautiful that it inspired me to put up this blog post.  Look at these colors!


The collection is inspired by the 1995 Super Nintendo video game, Earthbound.  There are 5 glitter bombs, 3 shimmer-dusted cremes and 2 glitter toppers:

The collection is being released on Friday, June 21, 2013 on Rainbow Honey's website at and will also be sold by their retail partners around the world.

There is a 24-hour PRESALE EVENT TONIGHT at 10 p.m. EST!  There will be an access code up on  Rainbow Honey's Facebook page tonight.

Oh, and I passed my one-year blogaversary, and I have the polishes set aside for a giveaway and just need to prepare the giveaway post, so keep an eye out for that coming up soon!

**Unpaid promotional announcement of new polish collection**

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