Friday, April 13, 2012

My First Rite Aid


This morning I checked online to see if there were any Rite Aid stores in Georgia that I could visit while on vacation.  Why this didn't occur to me before my last day on vacation, I don't know!  But, at least I thought of it before I left.

Savannah does have Rite Aid stores, and I went to my first one.  I was totally unprepared, without coupons of any kind, because there are no Rite Aid stores in Florida, so I didn't pay attention to blog posts about deals at Rite Aid.

First I saw the Magnetix line of magnetic polish that you can only get at Rite Aid, as far as I know.  I had seen swatches of them online, but I didn't want to order them online without seeing them, and I have a lot of magnetic polish as it is, so again, I had put the Magnetix out of my mind.  Today I bought my first pink magnetic polish.  I don't see an actual name on these polishes.  The pink magnetic polish is FH7751.  It shimmers and glitters even without the magnet.  I like to see magnetic polishes because then I can test the magnet on the bottle and see the pattern on the side of the bottle.  I loved the pattern on the pink magnetic polish.  I also got a light brown magnetic polish.  I had my nail wheels with swatches of all my polishes with me, and I didn't have any other magnetic polishes in the same shades.  The light brown polish is FH7750.  They were $7.99 each including two magnets each (wavy & straight lines).

I also saw a regular bottle of Revlon polish called Sunshine Sparkle.  Actually, my husband noticed it and brought it to me.  It's a lovely pale yellow shade that made me think of Easter at first, but later on I realized the polish is the color of banana-flavored candy, like Now and Laters, although the polish also has irridescent shimmer, and the Now and Laters don't.  The polish cost $4.99.  Could probably have gotten it cheaper somehow somewhere, but it was not certain that I would be able to find it somewhere else, so I bought it today.

They had bottles of Revlon, like Whimsical, that they no longer sell at Walgreens in South Florida.  But, my husband didn't understand why I would want to buy a bottle when I already owned one.  Giveaways, swaps, I told him!  But, ultimately he convinced me not to take the bottle of Whimsical with me.

In a display of polishes from a brand I had never heard of, "petites COLOR FEVER," I picked up a wine-colored polish with lots of sparkle in it called galaxy.  The display listed the polishes at $2.99 each, but after I checked out, I got the welcome surprise that the polish had been on sale.  Guess how much it was?  No really, guess!  It was $.74!!!  Can you believe it!!!!

In the clearance bin I found a Sally Hansen 10 Day Nail Color for $1.17 (down from $4.69).  It's a beige color but has a pinkish flash/shimmer.  I don't have anything like that . . . except maybe a new Finger Paints polish I bought earlier this week.  We'll see when I get home and swatch the colors on my nail wheels.  The name of the polish is Persistent Peony.

The total for the five bottles was $22.88 before tax and $24.48 including tax.  I couldn't put out of my mind how earlier in the week I had bought 17 polishes and a cleanup brush for about the same cost.  Darn magnetic polish!  I cannot resist its magnetic pull on me!!!  And, the regular price Revlon polish shares some blame, too.

Sorry about the picture being sideways.  It was the only shot where I was able to capture a bit more of the sparkle from the pink polish.

Mmmmm!  Banana-flavored candy!

Sparkles!  They appear to be one color to me, though, while this picture makes it seem like there are more colors.

Picture taken with flash to try to capture the sparkle!

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. I'm loving that Revlon yellow!!

  2. Awesome Rite Aid haul, I'm also loving that Revlon yellow! Now I want some banana-flavored candy!

    1. ME, TOO! I will be looking for it all the time now until I find it!