Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Weekend's Haul

I received a coupon in the mail from Kohl's for $10 off, with no minimum purchase requirement. I had also seen in their sales circular that they carried the Elle brand of nail polish which is exclusive to Kohl's. Each bottle costs $10. They have two dozen colors of nail polish. I forgot to take a picture of a display, but click here to see a picture of the display on a post by kenseysimone in PurseForum. I saw many pretty colors when I went to Kohl's last Saturday, and I eliminated near dupes using my nail wheels where I have swatched all my nail polish colors. I chose a duochrome almost metallic wine color called Imperial Purple. It was FREE because of my coupon. Yay!

I did read online, though, that the Elle line of nail polishes was developed by Estée Lauder's BeautyBank division. Estée Lauder has resumed animal testing if what I read online is correct. So, for those of you who only want to purchase cruelty-free products, you may want to avoid buying these polishes. They are Big-Three Free, and they are available online on Kohl's website.

Then last Sunday I saw in the paper that Walgreens had the Sinful Colors polishes on sale for $.99 (down from the regular $1.99). I had been waiting for them to go on sale. I got Nail Junkie, Kissie, Irish Green, Call You Later, and Glass Pink.

Six new polishes last weekend, and just $5 plus tax. Yay!

I liked the Elle polish so much that I used it for my manicure the next day.  I have a review of the polish and comparisons to similar polishes I own here.

This is a photo of the side of the Elle bottle of Imperial Purple.
Another side shot showing the second prominent color that this duochrome flashes.

Sinful Colors Call You Later

Sinful Colors Glassy Pink

Sinful Colors Kissy

Sinful Colors Irish Green.  THIS IS *NOT* COLOR-ACCURATE.  The picture below of the bottom of the bottle is more color-accurate.  This is a very vivid neon-like green.

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

Look at the duochrome on Imperial Purple!

Imperial Purple is so beautiful!

Here is the more color-accurate picture of Irish Green.

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. Fantastic deals! I love the Imperial Purple.

    1. Imperial Purple is gorgeous. If I get another coupon or discount from Kohl's, I may pick up another bottle of Imperial Purple for a giveaway.

  2. That's a great haul! Unfortunately I missed the 99cent deal for the sinful colors at walgreens. I was gonna go after work on friday but I got held up e-filing someones papers that were not put together right so it ran longer than supposed to. I want to pick up the neon collection but I didn't see them in the Walgreens I went to on Thurs...actually there wasn't much left at that one lol I have Glass Pink but it's half gone cuz I dropped it on the floor with the cap not screwed on one night..woops -=D

    1. Working late on a Friday is THE WORST! You poor thing! *And* it meant missing a polish sale? Off with their heads!

      My Walgreens have neons, but there is display that is only at Rite Aid that has a bright orange called Citrine, and I love orange polishes and would love to buy Citrine, but it's not on Rite Aid's website, and we don't have Rite Aid stores in Florida.

      The Sinful Colors go on sale often, though, so let's hope there is another sale soon so you can stock up!

    2. OOh I saw Citrine the other day at RiteAide, I can pit it up for you and do a swap, is there other colors you like ? I can see if they have it also!

    3. Citrine is the only one I can't get here because we don't have Rite Aids here. Strange that it's not on the website, either. I prefer to see polishes because they are different IRL from swatches, but the swatches of Citrine look pretty, and it's a dupe for the very expensive Sephora/Pantone polish, so I would definitely buy it if I could. I would be thrilled to swap for it! What can I get for you?


      This would be my first swap! :-)