Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vacation Haul, Part Two

So, Lacey pointed out that I had some of the names mixed up on the Finger Paints flakie top coats I bought yesterday. I bought Flashy, Flecked, Asylum, and Motley yesterday. For a moment I thought I had the full collection, and that's what started my trouble with the names. There are five top coats. The one not in the store yesterday was Twisted, the flakie top coat with all the colors.

At home I have, love and use Twisted and Motley. Motley has blue and green flakies.

When I bought the four top coats yesterday, I thought that I might have a giveaway with what I thought for a moment was the full collection. Now it bugs me that it's not a full collection. Also, I don't own Flashy, Flecked and Asylum for myself, so I might keep Flecked and Asylum. That would only leave Motley and maybe Flashy for a giveaway.

So today I went back to that store to get every other bottle they had. I bought an extra bottle of Asylum and an extra of Motley, so now I have at least a bottle of Asylum and two bottles of Motley for a giveaway, and maybe the bottle of Flashy and the bottle of Flecked and another bottle of Asylum if I don't keep those three for myself. I paid $10.68 for the two bottles of Finger Paints today.

Then, at another Sally Beauty on Abercorn Street, I met two super nice ladies behind the front counter, and I bought two mini bottles of China Glaze Ruby Pumps to add as an extra to a giveaway ($.49 each on clearance) and a bottle of Color Club Gingerbread scented polish for $.99 on clearance that I may keep for myself or maybe give away. My total at that store was $1.58 because at that store ALL the polish, including clearance items, was buy two get one free.

I am happy to know that I now have at least three limited edition Finger Paints flakie top coats to give away, plus the two mini bottles of Ruby Pumps plus a couple of other things I have set aside at home. I'm thinking of having a giveaway when I reach 30, or maybe even 25 official followers. Also, as far as giveaways go, a lot of the blogs I follow are new, like mine, and with fewer followers I figure there is a better chance of winning giveaways, and the blogs are great, so you might enjoy discovering them. There is a list of 10 relatively new blogs in my Versatile Blogger Award post about a week ago.

Below are pictures of today's purchases.


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    1. It was so hard to hold back from buying so much other stuff. I almost bought two bottles of Candy Shop at Claire's but then put them back, and I almost bought the little scented Sally Girl mini bottles but pu those back, too, and I put a few bottles back at Sally's that were on clearance, etc.