Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nail Mail: Lynnderellas!

Last week I got two packages in the mail on the same day.

I got some nail art tools and brushes, including my first dotting tools, that I had ordered at the end of April from this store on ebay recommended by Lacey of Lace & Lacquers.  She had used the tools for an Easter-themed manicure.  You can see her manicure and more pictures of the tools here.

I also got my first two, my only two Lynnderellas.  I got them during a flash sale the week before last on llarowe.com.  They didn't take long to get to me!  I got Cauldron Drippings, which I had been wanting for a while, and I got Funny Money on a whim.  Turns out I don't really like Funny Money now that I see it up close.  If any of you would like to trade with me and are interested in Funny Money, please let me know.  I've never done a swap or trade before!

I also got HITS Speciallita No Olympo Ares, a truly red holo, deep cherry red!  This was also from llarowe.com.  I am just a sucker for that No Olympo collection of holo polishes.

Here are some pictures of the packaging and the bottles and some swatches on nail wheels:

Cauldron Drippings on #14 on the top wheel (and #15 on the top wheel is HITS No Olympo Ares and #13 on the top wheel is Lynnderella Funny Money).  China Glaze Cross Iron 360 on #9 on the bottom wheel and Confetti 053 Papa-Razzi on #10 on the bottom wheel.  I was trying to find a suitable "underwear" color for Cauldron Drippings so that I don't have a crazy amount of glitter layers from Cauldron Drippings.

#13 on the bottom wheel is L'Oreal L'Orange.  This may be what I end up using as my "underwear" for Cauldron Drippings (#14 on the top wheel).

All my HITS No Olympo holos.  Ares is #15 on the top wheel, Demeter is #6 on the bottom wheel, Hermes is #7 on the bottom wheel, and Poseidon is #8 on the bottom wheel.

Funny Money is #13 on the top wheel.  On the bottom wheel, #7 is China Glaze Holly-Day, and #8 is China Glaze Glittering Garland.

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. OOh I like the HITS polish! Yay for nail tools! I'm sorry you didn't like Funny Money, sucks to spend all that money and not like it in the end. I don't want to give into the hype of lynderellas...in the end, it's only nail polish...

    1. I agree. It's just nail polish. I haven't bought Deborah Lippmans or Chanels ever. But, I will spend $20 on a polish I fall in love with that is only available online. And, I did just pay a flat rate for shipping to get Nostalgic Lacquer's Duckie and nothing else from the site (because it was all mostly sold out). And, I will probably still try to get Connect the Dots. But my Lynnderella fever is gone now. There are many other indies that make polishes that I like far better. I've never been big on chunky, crusty glitter. Cauldron Drippings will be the exception. I am a sucker for orange polishes.

  2. Olga are you still looking to get rid of Funny Money? Would you be willing to sell it or swap only?

    1. I want to love it more, but it's just not me. I am happy to send it to you. You don't need to buy it from me. I'm happy to see it go to a good home. Just send me an e-mail privately or e-mail me in Facebook with your address, and I'll mail it to you when I go to the post office to mail the prize to my giveaway winner, if you're O.K. with waiting until after June 1st for me to mail it to you (my giveaway is over on May 31st). :-)

    2. so sorry I didn't see this sooner!!!! I sent you a PM on Facebook I hope you got it!