Saturday, May 19, 2012

HITS Speciallita No Olympo Hermes Gold Holo

HITS Speciallita No Olympo Hermes is a light gold holo polish, a kind of taupe gold that almost looks nude on me in certain lights. It has a very noticeable holo effect, even indoors, but it's not as strong as the holo on HITS Speciallita No Olympo Poseidon.  The formula was good, I like the thinner and longer old school brush, and the application was easy.  The polish goes on in easy thin coats.  I used three coats.  Two would have been enough, but I wanted to cover up any nail line, so just to be sure, I used three coats.  I used Seche Vite on top.  Seche Vite didn't cause shrinkage, but the Revlon Quick-Dry Top Coat that I add every morning did cause shrinkage.  This is a very classy gold holo.  I think it's work appropriate and it's also a nice touch on a night out.

I still have this manicure on today.  I will be taking it off tomorrow.  I plan to put on Revlon Whimsical tomorrow, but I haven't chosen a blue polish to wear under Whimsical yet.  If any of you have worn Whimsical before, please let me know if you wore a different color underneath.  I'm thinking I may use Sinful Colors Cinderella.

The Hermes manicure has lasted a while, though.  I put it on last Sunday, so it's been 6 days.  It still hasn't chipped, but there's serious tip shrinkage and tip wear and noticeable growth.

In the pictures below, I am marking my photos with my blog address for the first time.  I looked for an iPhone app to use to watermark photos on the iPhone, but many of them will significantly reduce the resolution of the photo.  I have a couple of apps on price watches to see if they lower the price, and those apps are not supposed to reduce the resolution, but we'll see.  Right now I'm using the PicShop HD -- Photo Editor app.  It was free for the day yesterday (and today, too, I think).  From what I can tell, the newly saved photos with my blog address are about half the size of the original photo files, but at least the images still look O.K. to me so far.  If any of you use a good iPhone app to watermark your photos on your iPhone, please let me know.  And, let me know if you think the resolution of these photos is much lower than my usual photo resolution.  You should still be able to click on photos to make them larger and hopefully sharper, too.

These next two photos were taken in my office, under office lighting.  The top photo is without flash, and the bottom photo is with flash.  You can see that the polish has a holo effect even indoors under regular office lighting.

The next few pictures are in sunlight:

Indirect sunlight, and still there's a lot of holo!

Different angle of indirect sunlight.  Cool gradient effect.

Indirect sunlight.  This gives you an idea of what the polish looks like without the big holo fireworks.

Again, in indirect sunlight, after several days' worth of wear.

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Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. That's useful to know, that it can last up to seven days! I love holo polishes, been coveting these since LLarowe started stocking them. Can you not watermark using some kind of photo suite on pc? we have a Kodak printer and I'm sure the software (downloaded from Kodak website) allows me to add text to a photo and save it at a decent pixel rate.

    1. I'm in the beginning stages of trial and error with the watermarking. I'll try something on the main computer next. I usually use my iPhone for most of my blogging, but I may have to use the desktop more until I can find a good iPhone app to use to watermark photos without losing photo quality.

    2. I'm going to try on a web browser on a desktop computer at home--my husband's suggestion.

  2. I'm loving these holo polishes but some just aren't that prominent...

    1. Yup, this is definitely a subtle one! Still, I don't feel like I want to keep all of the polishes that I own, but I think I would not want to give this one up, or any of my holos, actually, with the exception of Glitter Gal Green Holo. That one's very similar to the silver holo from the same line, but it turns out I don't like the slight green overtone to it, plus it seems like a near-duplicate.