Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty (Pretty Nail Polish in Skull-Shaped Bottles)

I received an e-mail from Hot Topic with an ad for a new beauty line, and new nail polish in skull-shaped bottles!  Some of the nail polish colors look really great!  I am not affiliated in any way with Hot Topic or rewarded in any way by them, just a regular customer receiving their regular e-mails.  Here is a copy of the ad I got in the e-mail.


The polishes cost $5 each.  Here are some bottle shots from their website:

Blackheart Beautiful Revenge Nail Polish - 551347
Beautiful Revenge--dark red and black glitter polish

Blackheart Deceit Nail Polish - 551330
Deceit--pink glitter (and does that look like flakies in there?)

Blackheart Violet Tendencies Nail Polish - 551316
Violet Tendencies--regal iridescent sheen

Blackheart Bright Night Nail Polish - 551354
Bright Night--glow-in-the-dark turquoise polish

Blackheart Royally Screwed Nail Polish - 551362
Royally Screwed--royal blue, and is that flakies or shimmer or glass flecks in there?

They also have black-light reactive polishes and plenty of other colors.  If you buy any of these, please let me know about the formula.

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  1. OOH I think I want that glow in the dark polish.... I've never heard of Hot Topic before, is it a retail store?

    1. Yes, it's a store in our local malls here in Florida, but they have a full online store, and it's often easier to shop online than to try to track down stock from store to store. The shipping is a flat $4.95, I think, and they have special offers and discounts, too. Definitely go look at the website so you can see how many different glow-in-the-dark polishes they have, and not just from this line of cosmetics, either, but from other brands.

    2. I get all my Invader Zim-themed merchandise at Hot Topic . . . and since obsessing over nail polish, I buy nail polish there, too.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, and they're having a sale online now with buy $30 now and get $15 to spend in a couple of weeks. So tempted!!! But, maybe I can just go by a store and take a look at them. It's always better when I can see the colors up close and compare them to colors I already own (based on swatches on my nail wheels . . . that I carry with me everywhere) and check out the brushes and the finish, etc.

  3. Is there ANY way to get these? I live in norway and they don't ship here, I am so desperate

    1. Do you have a friend anywhere that they do ship to? Do you know what the rules are for shipping nail polish to Norway or how much it costs to do it legitimately? Some people send nail polish by airplane without noting on the package that it's nail polish, and that's against rules here in the U.S. The polish is flammable and must be shipped by ground. I assume internationally the polish is best sent by ship, but I don't know. Anyway, lots of people here in the United States don't follow those rules, but I do. I fill out customs forms, too.

      I have three suggestions. First, look for blog sales that ship internationally and are selling the Blackheart Beauty products. There are blogs where you can post that you are In Seach Of (ISO) a particular polish or polishes. Then if people have them to swap or to sell, they contact you. My second suggestion involves Facebook. Put up a post on my Facebook page (see the link on the upper right-hand corner area of any page on my blog) asking whether anyone knows how you can get these polishes. Also, look for nail polish "swap" groups on Facebook, especially international ones. I have to believe that many U.S. nail polish lovers would be very interested in polish from Norway and would be happy to trade some Blackheart Beauty products in exchange for products from your country and from Europe in general that we can't get here in the U.S. My last suggestion is Have you checked on ebay for Blackheart Beauty or run a search for skull nail polish bottle?