Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CVS Mini Haul: Spoiled Polishes

I have not loved the Spoiled polishes in the past because the only ones I saw had big untidy mops for brushes.  But, CVS was having a sale on Spoiled polishes that ended Saturday, buy two get one free, and their regular price is $1.99, so for $4 you could get 3 bottles!  I wasn't going to even look, what with my prior prejudice against Spoiled, but my husband pointed out the sale, and it was the last day of the sale.  I was surprised that the brushes on these bottles were actually O.K. and not awful like the ones I'd seen on Spoiled polishes before!  Yay!

They had some orange polishes, and I *love* orange polishes!  I picked out two orange polishes that were not dupes for anything I already owned.  I compared the bottles to the swatches on my nail wheels that I carry everywhere with me.  It's not a true comparison because what you see in the bottle is not what translates onto the nail . . . or the nail wheel.  But, I am buying fewer dupes this way.  The two orange polishes I picked were Jailbait and Vitamin C.

I had been wanting Vitamin C since I saw it on a blog post.  It's a very pretty orange with gold shimmer.  It's what I had wanted China Glaze Riveting to be.  I found Riveting to be too dark or something, just not entirely eye-pleasing to me, so when I wore Riveting, I had topped it with big and small gold flakies to make it more of a yellow-toned orange overall.

Jailbait is like a neon traffic cone dark reddish orange.  It dries matte.

After choosing the two orange polishes, I had to pick a third polish because I couldn't just walk away from a free polish.  After a good long time, I picked a pretty vampy shimmery shade called Bite Me.  I *loved* it, loved it, loved it, loved it.  It seemed similar to my swatch of Sephora By OPI I'm With Brad, but it wasn't identical.  When I got home I swatched Bite Me, and I loved it even more.  Opaque in one coat.  Truly opaque, no bald spots.  And, so gorgeous!  The formula was perfect and easy.  But, comparing the swatch to my swatch of SOPI IWB, it was clear that they were identical.  I compared the bottles.  Identical.  I tried and tried and tried to find some difference to justify my keeping them both, but they were truly indistinguishable, and although I think the formula for Bite Me was much, much better, I had bought IWB back in December 2011 and couldn't return it, but I could return Bite Me the next day at CVS and exchange it for a different color.

Here are some bottle shots and swatches on a nail wheel:

From left to right:  Jail Bait, Vitamin C, and Bite Me.

#16 is Vitamin C, #17 is Jail Bait, and #18 is Bite Me.

#3 on the top wheel is China Glaze Riveting, top half of it matted, left half of it topped with Luxe and Lush.  On the bottom wheel, #16 is Vitamin C, #17 is Jail Bait, and #18 is Bite Me.

On the top wheel, #1 is Wet N Wild Club Havana, and #2 is Essie Orange It's Obvious.

On the top wheel, #13 is L'Oreal L'Orange.

In the middle of the bottom wheel is Bite Me.  On the top wheel, #1 is SOPI I'm With Brad, and #2 is Sally Girl Gotta Have It 812 135.  Trust me that I'm With Brad and Bite Me were identical.  Gotta Have It is a little more brown-toned while the other two have more of a reddish undertone.

The pictures above are the last of the ones watermarked with the iPhone app that blurred my pictures by lowering the resolution and file size of my images.  The pictures below are all at original resolution, and from here on out, future posts should have images at original resolution unless I test out another program.

So, the next day, Sunday I went to a different CVS, hoping to find a larger selection of Spoiled polishes, and I exchanged Bite Me for yet another orange polish.  :-)   This CVS did have a much larger selection of Spoiled polishes, and I got to look at some shades that had caught my attention on blog posts.  The exchange was not a simple exchange because I had bought the polishes the day before with the buy-two-get-one-free offer, and now they were no longer on sale, but I wasn't going to pay even a few pennies for what should be an exchange.  With a manager's help, I finally completed the exchange.  

The polish I got was Orange You Glad, another shade of orange with gold shimmer.  I also like this one better than China Glaze Riveting.

On the left is Orange You Glad.  On the right,  #16 is Vitamin C, #17 is Jail Bait, and #18 is Bite Me. 

On the left is Orange You Glad.  On the right,  #2 is Revlon Tangerine, and #3 is Revlon Orange Fizz.

On the left is Orange You Glad.  On the right, #10 is HITS Speciallita Hula.

On the left is Orange You Glad.  On the right, #3 is China Glaze Riveting (the right half in this picture is matted, and the top half has China Glaze Luxe and Lush over Riveting).

On the left is Orange You Glad.  On the right, #9 is China Glaze Cross Iron, and #10 is Confetti Papa-Razzi

On the left is Orange You Glad.  On the right, #13 is L'Oreal L'Orange.

On the left is Orange You Glad.  On the right, #1 is Wet N Wild Club Havana, #2 is Essie Orange It's Obvious, and #3 is OPI Cajun Shrimp.

I really got as much if not more pleasure from these inexpensive drug store polishes than I have gotten from other more expensive polishes.  I just loved those orange shades, and they made me so happy to buy, look at, hold and swatch!  Even Bite Me made me happy, even if I did exchange it the next day.

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. What a good idea, bringing your nail wheels with you! I shop mostly online, but to have them right there when you are in a store? So smart!

    1. Well, what happened was I kept buying the same colors over and over. It becomes very obvious when there's a shade of nail polish that I love. The nail wheels are great for shopping, and they're also great for when I want to pick a polish to wear. I don't forget about anything I own, and I don't have to go through several drawers to see all my polishes!

  2. OOH I LOVE Jailbait! Wait that sounded wrong LOL

    1. That's so funny! Do you own Jailbait? What other Spoiled polishes do you own?

    2. I don't, but I will LOL Um, I have quite a few...but I think the one I use most is Visually Slimming which is the black LOL It's pretty much half empty since I use it mostly for nail art. I don't really like the Spoiled line's brushes so I try not to get them much but I can never help myself when I get to CVS and they have it on sale for 99 cents or buy one get one free. I will be looking for Jail Bait and Checkin' Into Rehab I saw on another blog lol

  3. Hello! Would you mind sharing the name & brand of the polishes in your first wheel? #13, #14, #15. They look so pretty. Thank you.

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for commenting on this blog post! I get so happy when I get comments.

      Just in case, for the future, I have a link at the top of the website to my Nail Polish Stash List. Most of what is on the nail wheels is on that list if it's just one polish. When I am trying out combinations, the combinations are not included on that list. When I initially take swatch photos, I include in the photo the "letter" that identifies the wheel, but sometimes that gets edited out if I crop the picture to put it in the blog, so in those cases it takes a little more detective work, like you have to find the polishes nearby that I do identify, and then you can see what's on my list next to those polishes

      For now, that first wheel was wheel "K," and the name and brand of the polishes on #13, #14, and #15 are: #13: a Lynnderella that I gave away and no longer own, so it's not on my spreadsheet anymore, I think the name had "money" in it; #14: Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings; and #15 Hits (No Olympo) Ares, a red holo polish. :-)

      Thanks again for reading my blog!