Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sally Hansen I Lilac You

I bought Sally Hansen I Lilac You at CVS the weekend before last, and I used it right away for a manicure.

I really liked the formula.  I used two coats.  The first coat was almost perfect, though, and it was mostly self-evening.  I had no flooding.  It was also very shiny.  I had to redo three nails, and there was no difference between the shine of the polish and the shine on the other nails with Seche Vite.  The finish was very smooth.  The brush is the wider brush, like the Dior brush.  Cleanup was a breeze as there was barely any.  The polish looks more lilac (blue-leaning) in some lights and more lavender (pastel purple-leaning) in others.

This polish really inspired me and made me think of many different nail art looks.  I thought it would be nice with stamping on top, and eventually, that's what I did.  Originally I thought white stamping with a delicate lace-like pattern would be nice, but I ended up using UP Colors Laser Lilas Holo to stamp over I Lilac You.  It was my first time stamping on my nails!  I will show you the results in my next post, but for now I have a preview photo on my Facebook page and on Instagram.  I also thought that the polish would look nice with a coat of Sally Hansen Snow Globe over it, or with striping on it, or with holo dots, or with a glitter gradient, etc.  So, I will definitely be wearing this polish again.

I am still wearing the polish today, the tenth day since I put it on.  I have not had any chips, although I did break the corner off a thumbnail . . . while putting on baggy gym shorts for goodness' sake!  So, the polish wears really well.  I did have a little shrinkage from fast-drying top coats, but it only happened after I showered.  The shower caused a dramatic shrink-back on my nail tips, but then the polish seemed to settle back to a regular look of minor shrinkage or tip wear.

Here are some photos:



Indirect Sunlight

Indoors, Office Lighting


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  1. What a beautiful colour, must get more Sally Hansens! I broke a thumb nail too. Ironically I did mine picking up my phone to read an email (that you'd commented on one of my posts!) I was ready to trim them anyway so it was good timing really!

    1. I was really drawn to the color, and I can't really explain it. It's not a "me" color, not something I'm "known" for, although when it looks more like corn silk blue, that's one of my favorite colors, I guess. Anyway, I was very surprised with how much I wanted the polish and how much I liked it, and I was pleased that the formula was so good.

      I want to trim my nails, too, but I'm going to a wedding on Friday, and I want to do special nail art with striping tape, and my nails need to have a little length to them, so I'm trying to walk the fine line between not too long that they break and then are much too short, and not filed down too short for the mani I have in mind. It's the mani on Galactic Nail Lacquer's profile picture, the white, gray, and black color blocks divided by the silver striping tape. I plan to wear a dress with black, gray and black stripes. It will be the first time I use striping tape. Wish me luck!

    2. Cornflower blue, not corn silk. More tired than I thought!

    3. For me wearing striping tape is a mani killer: like some of the bar glitters I find a loose edge not lying flat, then my thumb has a mind of it's own and keeps on wandering over to feel and touch the loose edge then before you know it I have picked it off!! That is why I tend to use it only for creating lines and peeling off. Now I have cuticle nippers I may cope better with things like this as I could trim it right back.

      I set to with the nail file last night, my nails no longer feel "vulnerable" as they are not quite beyond my finger tip anymore. Normally the break comes on a day I have been thinking of filing back anyway! Do you ever repair a break? I considered leaving my thumb to try and repair as it was only ten minutes before leaving work but then thought Emma + nail glue last time led to an orange stick on my lip.....

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