Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk

I already wrote a preview post of Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk Collection.  The collection will start to be sold on Rainbow Honey's website tomorrow, Friday, January 25, 2013, in time for Valentine's Day!  If you click through to my preview post, you can see pictures of the adorable packaging for XOXO and Sweet Talk, and you can see pictures of swatches on my nail wheel of each of the polishes by themselves and in combination with other polishes and with a matte top coat, and you can see a picture of the third polish in the collection, Be Mine, that I don't have right now.  My past few posts before that on my blog have been reviews of Rainbow Honey polishes, too, from the Yokai Collection for Halloween.

If you click through to Rainbow Honey's website right now (Thursday, January 24, 2013), the Sweet Talk Collection polishes show as "sold out."  Don't worry!  That's just a "placeholder"-type message until the official sale begins tomorrow.

I already reviewed XOXO, a gorgeous glitter top coat in Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk Collection, here.

Now I'm reviewing the namesake of the collection, Sweet Talk.  Sweet Talk has purple, light blue, and dark pink matte hex glitters in medium and small sizes and some stealthy tiny peachy irridescent flakes in a milky white base.  The milky white base is polish formula perfection!  It's not thick or clumpy, nor is it too thin, and it doesn't pool, pond, or flood my cuticles.  It goes on smooth and has a shiny finish, and the glitters lie flat.  The light blue hexes seem to reflect light at some angles, like they have an underlying metallic quality.  The brush is thin and worked well for me, and there is a lot of glitter, so you don't need to fish for it or dab it on.  The polish dried quickly, and I had no smudges or dents. I used one coat of Gelous over the manicure and a coat of Seche Vite over that to make the mani glassy smooth.  I didn't have any shrinkage from quick-dry top coats.

I loved this polish so much that I put it on as a pedicure, too.  It is definitely perfect for Valentine's Day and reminds me of those conversation hearts candies for Valentine's Days.  I think the colors are nice for Easter, too.  And, this polish has completely satisfied my desire for jawbreaker-like polish.  I didn't own a single jawbreaker-looking polish, and I wanted one, and Sweet Talk is the great look with the fantastic formula and the consistently great quality that you get from Rainbow Honey.

I wore Sweet Talk last week as a manicure over Essie Blanc.  The white of Essie Blanc matched the base shade of white in Sweet Talk.  The first coat of Blanc was streaky and balding in spots, but it mostly evened out with my second coat.  It had a glossy finish and gave me a mod look on my nails.  Over Essie Blanc, I used one coat of Sweet Talk on some nails and two coats on some other nails.  It was pretty both ways.  With two coats there were some glitters submerged beneath milky polish.

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous Sweet Talk over two coats of Essie Blanc:

Seldom-seen right hand
In the ring finger nail, at the top, you can see the stealthy tiny flakes in the polish
Top/ring finger, one coat of Sweet Talk
Bottom/pinkie, two coats of Sweet Talk

Still the seldom-seen right hand
Indirect sunlight
You can see how the blue hexes reflect light with an underlying metallic quality
Top/ring finger, one coat of Sweet Talk
Bottom/pinkie, two coats of Sweet Talk

Left hand
From top to bottom:  one coat, two coats, two coats, one coat of Sweet Talk

Left hand
Indirect Sunlight
So shiny and smooth!
From left to right:  one coat, two coats, two coats, one coat of Sweet Talk

The Sweet Talk Collection will be officially released on January 25, 2013 at 12:01 AM EST at and participating Retail Partners around the world. Rainbow Honey generously shared a promo code for $5.00 off a purchase on their website.  PROMO CODE = SWEETTALK$5 (promo code expires 2/28/2013). Promo code RH25%OFF is also still active (also expires 2/28/2013), and free shipping on all orders over $25 has been extended until 1/31/2013.

Also, Rainbow Honey now has two additional very limited edition polishes that they will be giving away. They are "Dearly Beloved" and "My Love." They are glitter top coats with heart-shaped glitter in addition to traditional glitter! Every purchase of $50 or more will receive one of the two special edition polishes. They also have a giveaway that ends when the shop opens and the sale of the collection starts at midnight tonight, so you have until midnight to enter the giveaway here. They are giving away three sets of Dearly Beloved and My Love. If you click through to the giveaway link or to Rainbow Honey's website, you can see more pictures and swatches of Dearly Beloved and My Love in addition to these:

Thank you Rainbow Honey for the promo codes, the giveaways, the free goodies, and for letting me review these lovely polishes!

Note:  I received a free bottle of Sweet Talk polish from Rainbow Honey and was asked for my honest and unpaid review of Sweet Talk.  I am not affiliated in any other way with Rainbow Honey other than as a regular customer because I do buy, love and use their products.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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  1. I think it looks great, I love the close up right hand pictures. It is interesting to see one coat vs two. I find with the CG that looks like an indie (is it the trapeze one? Can't remember off hand) I prefer one coat so the glitter still pops, the second coat loses some of the glitteryness. Looking at these I prefer one coat too. This also looks a "safe" choice for work.