Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pretty and Polished Dolli-Pop Color-Changing Polish

Apologies for being away so long.  I was ill the first part of February, then my husband was ill the second part of February, then I was busier at work the first part of March, and most recently one of my dogs injured himself and needed extra time and attention from me, the other dog is always on and off sick to her tummy, and I'm still busy at work.

I haven't read the new government guidelines on disclosures yet, but from summaries on other bloggers' posts, I gather that the main concern is that readers know whether I am reviewing something that I bought or something that was sent to me for free by a company for me to review.  My Official Disclosure:  I purchased the polish I am writing about in this post.

Pretty and Polished's Dolli-Pop is a gorgeous temperature-reactive color-changing polish that is purple at room temperature or cold temperatures and then progresses from dark blue to light blue as the temperature gets warmer.

I had actually been a little run down and almost burnt out from illness and such, and when I feel that way, I have less inspiration nail polish-wise.  But on Sunday I read a post on the Holographic Hussy blog reviewing Dolli-Pop, and I instantly knew that I wanted to use Dolli-Pop for my weekly manicure.

The polish formula was a dream come true for me!  It was the perfect consistency, and it didn't pool or pond or drag.  The brush was long and made it easy to apply the polish.  I used three coats, although two might have been fine.  I barely had any cleanup to do, and what little cleanup I had was easy.  I did get some shrinkage from Seche Vite which I think I'm going to start calling Shrink Vite.   I still can't give it up, though.  It dries even thick layers of polish very quickly, and I can go to bed right away and never, ever have sheet marks on my mani after using Shrink Vite.  Anyway, Dolli-Pop dries with a matte-like finish, and I prefer it with a shiny finish.  I can say that no matter how many coats of top coat you add (I add another coat every day or every other day), it does not affect the color-changing effect.   I have been wearing the polish for two days now, and it has worn well without any chips; I just have the shrinkage from my quick-dry top coat.

This is a really fun polish that really cheers me up every time I look at it.  It's like having different several different manicures in one, so for those of you who feel the need to change your polish every day, you can actually keep this polish on for a while and still have a different mani every few minutes!  The blue shades run through the entire range of denim blue colors, from the lightest blue to the darkest.  The polish also has some gorgeous little blue gem-like flakes that catch the light beautifully.  Most of the time my nail beds were a sky blue with the tips of my nails a deep purple and the two colors blended into each other like a perfect gradient creating the look of a funky French manicure.

Here are some pictures:

Left hand, indirect sunlight, in air-conditioned car.

Left hand.

Left hand.

Left hand.

Left hand.

Left hand.

Right hand, temperature cooling.

Right hand, temperature cooling further.

Left hand, temperature cooling.

Left hand, temperature cooling.

Left hand, cool temperature.

Right hand, most purple color at coolest temperature.

Left ring finger and pinkie, cool temperature.

Thumbnail, cool temperature.
You can see the reflection of my iPhone that I used to take the photo.

Right hand, sunlight.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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  1. Wow, this is stunning. I paid for a day's internet today.... Some thousand feeds waiting for me! This polish sod have been deep purple in Paris, it was sunny but freezing today. Back home in snow it would have been even deeper (if possible!) as snow was on ground still.