Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rainbow Honey Yokai Collection Preview

I am very excited to write this preview blog post on Rainbow Honey's Yokai Collection.  It's a preview because the polishes themselves go on sale on October 13th, and it's a preview because it's not my usual manicure blog post.  I am also excited because I was very lucky to be given all the polishes in the Yokai Collection to review!  I got my package from Rainbow Honey in the mail yesterday, and I expected the package to have one polish to review, maybe a mini polish, but I received all three of the Yokai Collection polishes, and all the bottles are full size!  That package really made my day yesterday.  My husband is away on a trip (he's flying back home right now), and I was a little mopey yesterday at home.  Please forgive me military spouses because I know that you have to endure much longer separations from your significant others, but I am just a wuss and really miss my husband when he's gone.  Rainbow Honey's package changed my mood and got me to "do something."  I immediately swatched the polishes on nail wheels.

Rainbow Honey is an indie brand, relatively new but you would guess the opposite looking at their polishes and professional packaging.  These are my first Rainbow Honey polishes, although I have eyed many of them in the past like Hoof Wrassle, 20% Cooler, Koi Pond, A Little Kindness, Pinkie Promise, Celestia, Mare of the Moon, Lunairetic, Siren Song, Snake Eyes, and Frozen Flame.  I think I will be ordering some minis of those tonight before I go to sleep!  I'm really itching for them now even more than before! Rainbow Honey polishes have a distinctive look to me which is hard for me to describe, but it's a kind of look that reminds you of texture and natural grains in stones, even though it's not really grainy polish.

The Yokai Collection polishes are limited edition for Autumn 2012.  There are three polishes in the Yokai Collection.  In alphabetical order, they are Kawako, Kitsune, and Oni.  Kawako is dark blue and makes me think of the night sky; it has tiny silver flakies that sparkle, and it has blue flakies, some of them large.  Kitsune is a camel/nude base with gorgeous tiny gold shimmer and/or flakies and brown microglitter and my favorite part, small orange glitter hexes.  Kitsune looks like "fall" to me.  Oni is a blackened brown base with irregular gold and purple flakies; the combination looks olive or flashes olive and is spectacularly pretty!  All the polishes have cream bases as far as I can tell.  In my opinion Kawako and Oni look best with two coats, but I like using just one coat of Kitsune.  I will be using Kitsune for my manicure tonight, and I will put up a blog post about it hopefully on Tuesday.

There are already a lot of review posts of the Yokai Collection up on blogs.  Two posts really stood out to me.  Sheila has a comparison post on her blog, Pointless Cafe, where she compares Kawako to Essie's Starry Starry Night.  In a post on the No Holos! blog there are pictures of Rainbow Honey Oni with gold nail art swirls.  So gorgeous!  Click through and take a look!

Even though I only just swatched these on nail wheels, I was a little obsessed and tried the polishes mattified and tried Kitsune over lots of different polishes, so there are a lot of pictures coming up.  In the nail wheels below:
#8 is one coat of Kawako,
#9 is one coat of Oni,
#10 is one coat of Kitsune,
#11 is one coat of Kitsune over one coat of China Glaze Papaya Punch,
#12 is one coat of Kitsune over one coat of a burnt orange polish,
#13 is one coat of Kitsune over one coat of a different burnt orange polish,
#14 is one coat of Kitsune over Wet N Wild Black Creme,
#15 is one coat of Oni over Wet N Wild Black Creme,
#16 is one coat of Kawako over Wet N Wild Black Creme,
#17 is one coat of Kawako with a coat of mattifying polish on top,
#18 is one coat of Oni with a coat of mattifying polish on top,
#1 is one coat of Kitsune over one coat of Essie Blanc,
#2 is one coat of Kitsune over one coat of Finger Paints Gossamer White (a light pinkish nude cream),
#3 is one coat of Kitsune over one coat of Sally Hansen Persistent Peony (iridescent nude very similar to Kitsune's base), and
#4 is one coat of Kitsune with a coat of mattifying polish on top.

This beautiful card came with the polishes.

Rainbow Honey does a great job with packaging.
The paper is more eco-friendly than extra bubble wrap or styrofoam.
Under the paper the three polishes were in a bubble wrap bag.
Inside the bag, the three polishes were each in their individual boxes which kept them safe and meant not using more bubble wrap instead.

I like Kitsune at one coat (#10 above).

Kitsune over Papaya Punch was pretty (#11 above).
I think some nail art with Papaya Punch on part of the nail and Kitsune on another part would look nice.


Look at how beautiful the polishes are mattified (#17 & #18 above)!

I love the golden shimmer from the mini flakies in Kitsune.

#3 is how I'll be doing my manicure tonight:
one coat of Kitsune over a coat of Sally Hansen Persistent Peony.

The Yokai Collection will be available starting October 13th on Rainbow Honey's website for $10 each.  These are good sized bottles at a half ounce each, and $10 is a very reasonable price for these indies that are so professionally produced and look like little mini works of art.  I see adorable squat little mini bottles on the site for other collections, and those are $5 each, but I don't know if the Yokai Collection will include any mini bottles.  Again, this is a limited edition collection, so when they run out, they're gone!

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. Loved seeing the layering combos you tried out! Can wait to see your swatches!

    1. Thank you! I have a review of Kitsune up now and my first *dotticure!* I used Kitsune as the base for the dotticure.

      I can't believe I actually have a comment from you on my blog! I think I'll print this page out and scrapbook it!!! Yours was one of the first blogs I followed, and I still read each and every single post on your blog. Your pictures are gorgeous!

    2. P.S. Apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment! Life can be so full and busy sometimes, right?

  2. Awesome! I like seeing the layering combos :)

  3. Great post! Congratulations on getting blogger mail!