Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nail Polish Stash List Page Added to Blog

I added a page to the blog that goes directly to the spreadsheet with my Stash List.  It took me so long to type up my Stash List!  Over time I hope to fill in the blanks for the name of the collection that the polish is from and the year the collection is from and the finish on the polish.

So, just click on the tab on the home page for the stash list, or you can go directly there by clicking here.

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. Do you have 250 or is that the capacity of the spread sheet?

    1. The spreadsheet can go higher. In fact, I just got three new Rainbow Honey polishes I need to add. I think I had 250 polishes or 251 or something like that. I'll check to see if the spreadsheet goes to over 250 when I add the three new polishes.

    2. I'm seeing 255 rows on the list when I click on the link above. Could be because I'm the author and I'm logged in right now, too. Anyway, the first row is a header row with column labels, so I have 254 polishes . . . plus the three new ones, 257. :-)

      How many do you have?