Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hits Demeter


It is not easy to describe the actual color of the polish on my nails, especially as the color looked different in different lighting.  Without sunlight or bright light on it, the polish was a dull or dusty orange.  It was still very pretty, though.  Sometimes it looked like the color of band-aids, like it had a little brown or beige in it.  Sometimes it looked like butterscotch pudding.  In its more muted form, I think it might be a nice color around Easter, and of course it would make a very nice color for Indian summer or fall.  I would say it is a work-safe color because it doesn't stand out so much inside an office.

I used three coats, and there was still visible nail line in some lighting.  At three coats it was a little darker than the bottle color, so I stopped at three, not to mention that adding another coat would have added more drying time.  It did dry well, though.

The brush is a slightly wider, flatter and thicker brush than the traditional Revlon brush, for example.  I normally don't like wider brushes, but I do like the Hits brushes.

The formula is very good.  It wears very well, and I had no chips.  I did have some regular tip wear, and I had some shrinkage from quick-dry top coats.

Here are some pictures:

Direct sunlight.  It has a pretty good linear holo effect.

Bottle shot, after a week of wear.

Same as above, but in different lighting.


Indoors, office lighting, against the outside of my rust-orange suit.

Indoors, office lighting, against the lining of my orange suit.

Indoors, flash.

Indirect sunlight

Indirect sunlight.

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  1. The tip wear wasn't even that bad after a week! It looks lovely on you!

    1. Some of the pictures, the ones in the office, only had a few days wear. It was only the bottle shot that had the full week of wear.

  2. Wow, that is amazing wear after a week! I love Hits holos, the formula is so easy to work with whereas a lot of other holos tend to be more finicky. I always overlooked this one, but when you said it looks like butterscotch?! SOLD!

    1. A lot of times indoors, that's exactly what it looked like to me is butterscotch pudding. It only showed its real orange self in direct sunlight or with flash photography. I think next time I use it, I may try using a bright orange polish underneath. I really wish it looked as bright orange all the time as it does in a lot of the pictures. And, I wish I had been able to capture the butterscotch shade indoors!

      And, yes, I *love* the Hits holos. I have several of them and love them all. I have a Glitter Gal silver linear holo that I love, and a Milani green scattered holo that I also love, but I am reluctant to try other brands, especially when I read a blog post that says you have to use a special base coat or no base coat at all, or you have to damage your nails with a buffer, or you can't use top coat, etc. I'm not for high-maintenance holo when there are gorgeous holo polishes out there that are much more user-friendly.