Sunday, August 26, 2012

Comparison of Blackheart Beauty (Hot Topic exclusive) Deceit and FingerPaints Twisted Flakie Polishes

As I write this post, Tropical Storm Isaac is over South Florida, and tropical storm conditions will intensify here for the next 12 hours and continue for probably another 12 hours after that.  So far we have not lost power in our home, so I'm taking advantage of that to put up a blog post, maybe even two posts if I can.

On Saturdays, after a week of wear on my manicures, I usually try an accent nail of glitter or some other special effect top coat because I don't have to worry about being work-appropriate, and I take off my polish and give myself a new manicure on Sundays just in time for work on Monday.

In the pictures in this post, the base color is L'Oreal's L'Orange, which I reviewed here.  In the pictures it looks red, but it's orange in real life.  My camera photographs oranges as reds and purples as blues, and I have not figured out a way around that yet.  I had worn the L'Orange for a week, so there is tip wear and shrinkage in the photos below.

I decided that Saturday to try Blackheart Beauty's Deceit--a flakie polish--as an accent nail on my left hand.  Blackheart Beauty is an edgy brand of cosmetics created especially for Hot Topic.  From what I understand, the products are vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.  The products are very low in price, and the prices are even lower now.  They are available in Hot Topic stores in malls and also online at Hot Topic's website.  Everything is buy-one-get-one-half-off now on the site.

I started out with an accent nail on my left hand with Deceit, but I liked it so much that I put the Deceit flakie polish on all my nails on my left hand.

Here are some pictures of Blackheart Beauty's Deceit, taken indoors, in my bathroom, so not the best pictures (but you can click on them to enlarge them to see more detail), and it's not easy to photograph flakie polishes, either, but here are the photos I was able to take:

I started with just an accent nail.
I don't know why I held my pinkie out, but I assure you that I do have five fingers on my left hand.

See?  Five fingers on my left hand.

I liked the polish so much that I put it on all my nails on my left hand.

I thought that the polish was similar to FingerPaint's Twisted flakie polish, so I tried Twisted on all my nails on my right hand.

Here are some pictures of FingerPaint's Twisted on my right hand:

Indoors, bathroom lighting again.

Weird pose or picture or both, isn't it?

You can see that Twisted's flakies lie flat on the nail with just the slightest amount of dimpling after top coat.



Indirect sunlight.  The flakies are clearer on my pointer finger in this photo.

The polishes are similar enough that I could get away with putting a different one on each hand.  There are quite a few differences between the polishes, though.  The flakes in Deceit are more shard-like rather than the traditional fish flakes in Twisted.  The flakes in Deceit stick out a bit, like most shard flakies, but the flakies in Twisted lie flat.  Twisted is shinier but not as eye-catching.  Also, Deceit has added glitter to the polish which contributes to it being more eye-catching.  Deceit is in a pink base, so it tinted my manicure and changed the color of the L'Orange manicure, making it more red-orange rather than orange.  Twisted comes in a clear base, so it doesn't change the color of your base polish.  Twisted's flakes also seem to have more gold and green whereas Deceit looks more pink and purple.  So, they are different enough to justify owning both . . . in my opinion, wink, wink.

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  1. Oh, I love that Hot Topic one! I love shards.

    1. These are really nice shards, too, not quite as big as in China Glaze's Luxe and Lush in the sense that they don't stick out as much.

  2. The skull bottle is so great- worth buying for that alone!

    1. I know!!! And, the colors are non-traditional and interesting, too.