Sunday, October 20, 2013

Emily de Molly's Oceanic Forces

**Purchased by Me**

I haven't written a blog post in a while.  I had applied for a position as a magistrate, and had I gotten the position and gone from Lacquer-Loving Lawyer to Manicured Magistrate, I would have given up blogging for a while.  I did get asked to interview for the position, which made me feel great, but ultimately the position was filled by someone else.  So, I'm back to blogging!

I was lucky enough to get notice of a restock of Emily de Molly polishes at and to be able to shop before the stock was sold out.  I had originally wanted Cosmic Forces which has a purple jelly base, but I was surprised that all three of the "Forces" were in stock:  Cosmic Forces, Dark Forces, and Oceanic Forces.  They all have similar glitter including large circle holo glitter and smaller holo hex glitter and smaller color-matching glitter.  I was trying not to spend too much on polishes and almost only ordered Cosmic Forces.  I'm so glad I ordered all three, though.  It turns out that although online I had liked Cosmic Forces the most, in the bottle, I liked Dark Forces (black jelly base) the best, and when I swatched all three on nail wheels and when I wore them on my nails, I liked Oceanic Forces the best of all.  I shouldn't be surprised.  Blue polishes are a favorite of mine along with orange polishes, and teal is a favorite shade of blue.  I have no other polish among my over 300 bottles of polish like this.  I received many compliments on this manicure.  Emily de Molly polishes are probably the most creative blingtastic indie polishes right now.  Back in the day, you would only satisfy similar look-at-my-nails diva cravings with Lynnderella polishes, but to me Emily de Molly polishes are much more aesthetically pleasing overall while not lacking in creativity or show-stopping super-glitter.

Application Tips:
The formula was a perfect jelly consistency so it wasn't thick or too thin.  Two coats is fine, but it is lighter than bottle color although a very pretty shade as well.  I used three coats of Oceanic Forces.  It was not too difficult to get the large circle glitter to come out of the bottle.  Many of them would stick to the handle of the brush.  I would use an orange stick to pull the circle glitter off the handle of the brush and set them aside to use at the end.  Once I was done with my last coat of polish, I would place the extra circle glitters randomly on my nails.  I used a coat of Gelous and then a coat of Seche Vite to smooth out the surface, and it came out very smooth.  No glitters stuck out to catch on anything or to tempt you to pick at them. I barely had any cleanup to do.  This is how all glitter polish, especially those in jelly sandwiches, should be.  You don't lose the glitter in the underlying coats because it's not covered up completely by the next coats, unlike many other glitter polishes or jelly glitter polishes.  Removal was not difficult and took only slightly longer than removing regular polish.  I used one cotton ball with acetone per nail or two to remove the blue jelly polish, and then I used an orange stick to push off the remaining stuck-on large circle glitters, and then I used one last cotton ball to clean up all my nails.  There was no staining or smurfy nails or skin.

Wear Time:
Fantastic wear time.  I hated taking the polish off after a week.

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5.  As usual, it is difficult to photograph polishes with holographic glitter.  You can Google the polish name and find many other photos, though.

Blurry--you can see some of the holo effects from the glitter.

Indirect sunlight (shade)
Indirect sunlight (shade)

Indirect sunlight (shade)

I love that this polish has so much glitter!

Blurry--shows holo effects of glitters.

Slightly blurry--LOVE those large circle glitters!

So much holo glitter goodness!

**Purchased by Me**

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. Yay!!! You're back :) And I love this polish, one for the wishlist! Your nails are sooooo long!

  2. Thanks! I keep filing back my nails every single week. They are long and keep growing so much! I'm trying to keep them a little shorter than my longest length to avoid snagging and breaking them as much as possible.

  3. Welcome back! *waves* Loving the circle glitter in that polish!

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