Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot

**PR sample provided by company representative**

In a previous post here, I wrote about being surprised to receive the entire Robot Collection to review, and I reviewed the groovy matte glitter top coat Yoshimi worn over Femme Bot. I also reviewed Femme Bot by itself here, and I reviewed Skyward Bot by itself here, and I reviewed Lucky Bot by itself here.  All the colors in the collection are really pretty.  They are spring-like, but just a little edgy, so not the routine overdone pastel cream-finish spring colors.  To me they seem like chrome polishes, and I never got around to buying any of the drugstore (Essie) chrome polishes, and these colors are prettier in my opinion, too, so I am very happy because I finally have chrome-like polishes.  The polishes are made with aluminum flakes, which, according to Rainbow Honey's website, makes "the metallic lacquers of the Robot Collection simultaneously sparkly, reflective and smooth."  The finish on Dusty Bot, a pale lavender metallic polish, is definitely both reflective like a foil and also sparkly, especially in sunlight, and the finish is definitely smooth.

The formula on Femme Bot, the pink metallic and the first of the "Robots" that I tried, had been excellent, and that polish had been a one-coater.  I was expecting Skyward Bot, the second "Robot" I tried, to have the same formula and had hoped it would also be a one-coater, but I had problems with application.  Luckily (pun intended), Lucky Bot was a one-coater like Femme Bot, and Dusty Bot was also a one-coater and very pretty with a very obvious chrome-like effect.  I still think Femme Bot had the best formula of the bunch, but only Skyward Bot gave me any trouble.  Dusty Bot wore well for a week (although I did get a minor chip or two) and removal was easy.

Here are some photos, taken after a few days of wear, all in sunlight:

The Rainbow Honey Robot Collection is available at Rainbow Honey's website and at worldwide retailers.  Rainbow Honey is offering free shipping on orders over $50 on their website as well as giving you a free special polish with orders over $50 on their website.  July's special polish is Summer Blossom! Rainbow Honey describes it as "a festival of orange, yellow and white blossoms in a sea of iridescent and holographic glitters.  You can see photos of Summer Blossom on Rainbow Honey's website here and on Rainbow Honey's Facebook page.

**PR sample provided by company representative**

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  1. I think this was the one I was drooling over when you first wore them and mentioned them in June. I do like foil finishes for wear time and coverage.

    1. I loved how easy most were to apply, but I think in general foil polishes (and any metallics on me) wear away just the tiniest bit on the edges, and I feel like I notice it maybe more than in a creme. Still, the finish is so magical. I love it!