Sunday, April 21, 2013

Orange Holographic Polish Comparison

**Polishes Purchased by Me**

I love orange polish, and I love holographic polish, so I go crazy over orange holographic polish.  It's not that easy to get a bright holographic orange polish.  The holographic part of the polish seems to dull the color of the polish or make it look a little "dusty."  The color itself in orange holographic polish often seems brownish rather than a more yellow-based orange or a more red-based orange.   I own a few orange holographic polishes, but until recently didn't have one that was a true orange holo that didn't look dusty or brownish or dull.  The creator of Dollish Polish recently offered to make custom polishes, and I asked her for my dream orange holo polish.  The result was The Holo Grail that she made especially for me:

My blog is now a year old, and my next post will probably be a giveaway post, and one of the prizes will be a bottle of The Holo Grail.  I bought three bottles--one for myself, one as a backup, and one to give away.

As far as orange holo comparisons go, The Crumpet did a very nice orange holo comparison post here.  There are also a few different posts at The Pointless Cafe with one-to-one or small group comparisons of orange holo polishes, for example, here and here.  If you know of any other good orange holo comparison posts, please let me know in the comments section below.

Here are some pictures with comparisons of the orange holo polishes that I own:

Left to Right:  Dollish Polish The Holo Grail, Enkelini Lainey Lou, Jade Uau!, Literary Lacquers More Like Fire Than Light, Hits Demeter, and Different Dimension Tubular

Left to Right:  same as above

Literary Lacquers' More Like Fire Than Light

One coat of each (above):
#8:  The Holo Grail
#7:  More Like Fire Than Light
#6:  Uau!
You can see that Jade's Uau! is very saturated even at one coat.

Two coats
On #9 is Pretty & Polished's Incinerate My Heart which I'm wearing on my toes right now.

The linear holo gets stronger at two coats in Literary Lacquer's More Like Fire Than Light, #7 above.
The Holo Grail, #8 above, has a weak holo effect indoors on a nail wheel; I haven't seen it outdoors.

This might be the picture that shows the holo in The Holo Grail (#8 above) the best.

You can see that the Literary Lacquer's holo (#7 above) has more yellow in it than Jade's (#6 above).

The Holo Grail (#8 on top wheel) has a very similar base color to China Glaze's Riveting (#3 on bottom wheel).

Hits Demeter (#6 on the top wheel) is more of a coral color.

The base color in The Holo Grail is similar to that in Hits Hula (#10 in the top wheel), one of my all-time favorite polishes.

A red holo, Hits Ares (#15 on bottom wheel), for comparison.

Different Dimension's Tubular on the bottom wheel at #16.
Tubular has a very weak holo, at least indoors, and it has more yellow in it.

On the bottom wheel were last year's Pantone set of Tangerine Tango polishes from Sephora.

On the bottom wheel at #1 is Enkelini's Lainey Lou, a really bright orange holo with more yellow in it than The Holo Grail.

Enkelini's Lainey Lou on the left.

Revlon's Haunted Heart on the top wheel at #6.

**Polishes Purchased by Me**

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  1. Just got Lainey Lou in Crumper's destash :)

    1. I can't believe anyone would get rid of Lainey Lou!!! It's an *awesome* orange holo!