Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rainbow Honey Oni from the Yokai Collection

I had a preview post here on the Rainbow Honey Yokai Collection with pictures of the package I received and of the three polishes swatched on nail wheels by themselves and in combination with other colors and matted.  The Yokai Collection polishes are limited edition for Autumn 2012 and were released a month ago on October 13, 2012.  The polishes were available on Rainbow Honey's website for $10 each but are completely sold out on the website right now.  Did any of you manage to buy any of the Yokai Collection polishes before they sold out?

The first of the Yokai Collection that I wore was Kitsune.  I reviewed Kitsune here.  Then I tried my first dotticure over Kitsune!

After Kitsune, I tried Oni and wore it as a manicure for a full week in mid-October.  Oni is The Malevolent Wild Demon according to Rainbow Honey's website and is described there as having a myriad of glass flecks and multi-chromatic shimmer.  I agree with the statement on Rainbow Honey's website that "the consensus [from nail polish blogger reviews] seems to be that it is one of the most beautiful and intense polishes out there this fall."

Oni's base is a smoky black.  It's got small flakes or glass flecks of many different colors with the rare purple specks that were my favorite in the mix.  The overall effect is almost like a dark olive green.  Like the other Rainbow Honey Yokai collection polishes, this shade also looks like a beautiful stone and has amazing depth because the glass flecks don't just sink into the polish but show right at the top of the manicure. It glints and sparkles in almost any light and is full of life.  I think it's a really great Halloween color, as are all the Yokai Collection polishes.

It was an easy polish to apply, and the brush was good.  It was quick-drying.  The first coat went on streaky, but after a second coat, the polish was even.  I don't have great nail polishing skills, and I think that for someone more expert in nail polish application, the first coat would not be streaky.  The polish was a little top coat hungry.  Cleanup was not difficult except that I have trouble removing every single last smudge on my fingers when I use a black-based polish.  The polish wore pretty well for an entire week.  Removal was not difficult.

Here are some pictures:

You can see how smooth the manicure is after applying top coat.

Blurred so you can see the "special effects."

Indirect Sunlight
Against my olive-toned suit in the background

Do you see what I mean about how it looks like a natural stone with a lot of depth?

Look at all the colors of glass flecks in there!

This picture is after only one coat of top coat, but here you can see how the polish glistens.


I also really recommend that you click through to the review of Oni on the No Holos blog and look at the pictures of her beautiful nail art with Oni as the base.

Thank you for reading my blog!