Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nabi Magnetic Wine

I have many untried polishes in my collection, and there are so many gorgeous colors that it's hard to choose. But, one of my Facebook fans, Emma Brown, saw a bottle of Nabi Wine in an old picture of my stash and mentioned not having seen it on my blog yet, so here it is!

The color is gorgeous.  It seemed more of a pure red to me, like red with black magnetic stripes, when I saw it swatched on other blogs, but it is definitely a shade of wine, a very vivid shade.  It was pretty even without the magnetic effect, but I didn't take pictures of it by itself.  I think it would make a very nice holiday color, maybe Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Application and the brush were O.K., but there seems to be a learning curve with magnetic polishes, and each polish is different from the last, even within the same brand.  I normally have to use thin coats for the magnetic effect to be clear, and blowing on the pattern as I hold the magnet over my nail normally produces the best effect.  However, with Nabi Wine, it was a much thicker coat that gave the best effect, and blowing on it while holding the magnet over my nail made the effect very weak, so I stopped doing that.

I did get some bubbling with my top coat.  I've been getting some bubbling lately with my top coats.  I don't know if it's the heat and humidity here in South Florida, although I do keep the air-conditioning on indoors. The top coat didn't weaken or blur the magnetic effect, but there was SIGNIFICANT shrinkage from both Seche Vite and Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat.  It not only shrank at the tips, but there was a strange effect near my cuticles that left a rim of blurred paint outside my top coat as the top coat seemed to recede from the paint while shrinking.

I learned about the Nabi magnetic polishes from a post on another blog, and the blogger had found them in a large display of many, many, many magnetic colors in a Walgreens store.  My local Walgreens never carried the Nabi magnetics, though.  I ordered mine online and for about $20 got about 5 different colors.  The magnets are on the top of the brush cap, but I have enough bottles that I use the magnet from another bottle and not the one from the bottle I'm using to paint my nails.  It's just much easier that way.

Cleanup took a little effort.  I don't use an orange stick around the edges as I paint my nails with magnetic polish because by the time I'm done with holding the magnet over my nail, the polish is too dry, and I would drag it and ruin it.  So, there's more work at cleanup time.

The wear was O.K.  I did wear the polish an entire week--it's still on now as I type--but it doesn't look so great after a couple of days with all the shrinkage.  There were only teeny, tiny chips, though, and they weren't very noticeable.

Here are some pictures:

Cloudy day -- we have had a lot of cloudy and rainy days lately in Florida.

Indirect sunlight on a cloudy day

Indoors, office lighting.

Indoors with flash.

Using flash.

With flash -- blurry, but the colors are so pretty!

In some sunlight on a cloudy day.

I was walking the dogs, and the sun came out suddenly and briefly, so out came my iPhone.  I had been wearing the polish several days by then, and you can see the weird shrinkage near my cuticles that seemed to leave smudges of polish behind.  

My right hand, also while out walking the dogs.  I don't usually photograph my right hand because it's my dominant hand, and I use it to take pictures.

Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. Named and unashamed :D

    Love this one, the red and black is amazing, this is in my eBay watch list: may fall into my basket verrrrrrrrrry soon !!

    1. Check the store that I got it from (link is on my Facebook page), because that store sells them very inexpensively, shipping is included, and I got my polishes in two business days.

  2. You should join our Try it On Tuesday's Olga where we all post about a polish from our untried stash! Let me know if you'd like to join and I'll tell the admin

    1. Oh, the pressure! Do you have to try something new on every Tuesday? Just about everything I post about is from my untried stash, though. ;-)

  3. OMG that's one magnetic polish I would like to have! Missed your posts!!

    1. Thank you! Work has settled down a little--just a little--so I'm giving some attention to my hobbies again!

  4. Wow! This looks gorgeous, especially on your nails (which are lovey, by the way!).