Saturday, June 23, 2012

What an Unexpected Mess: Hits Speciallita No Olympo Ares

I wanted a more mainstream color to wear at work after wearing the in-your-face Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings the week before.  I also didn't have much time for my manicure and wanted something easy to apply.  I love the Hits Speciallita No Olympo holo polishes, and I had not had any trouble with the formulas before.  I picked Ares because the Hits No Olympo holo polishes I had tried before resulted in quick and easy manicures.  Not so with Ares, but I still love it because the red holo shade is beautiful.

The polish is appropriately named after the god of war; I felt like I had been at war with the polish to try to apply it.  My brush was mop-like which made it difficult to be precise. I have not had that issue with any other No Olympo holos, so I assume I just had the one bottle with the bad brush.  It happens.  The polish was thick like syrup, and it forms a "skin" quickly as it dries, so if you like to use an orange stick around your nail edges as you go, you can rip off a bunch of connected skin-like polish . . . like I did.  My first coat was streaky, but a very heavy second coat covered that and any bald patches up.  I still had the issues with the tricky skin-like polish threatening to rip as I used an orange stick around the edges as I went along.  There was no way I was going to suffer through a third coat, though, so I just tried to be as careful as I could.  I still love the polish because it's so pretty.

It is a very attractive shade that's between cherry red and thickened blood red, depending on the lighting. The HBO series True Blood started back up the day I put on this manicure, and the blood red manicure seemed appropriate, although I had not planned it that way.  The holo is noticeable.  Seche Vite as a top coat did not dull the holo.  Cleanup was not too hard.  I developed a new technique in my cleanup routine; I used the side of my cleanup brush bristles to smooth out polish bumps (some from my use of the orange stick as I went along) on the edges of my nails.  The wear was pretty good.  It lasted a full week until I took it off.

Here are some pictures after a day of wear:




Indoors, office lighting, without flash.

Indoors, office lighting, with flash.

Indoors, office lighting, with flash.

In indirect sunlight.


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  1. Well, it looks fantastic on you! But what an ordeal in application!

    1. So worth it (now that my memory of the ordeal is fading). Such a pretty color!